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*Tryouts for 2021 fall season late summer! Stayed tuned…


About the CCA Foundation

With almost no funding in the school district for sports, each athletic team must be self-sustaining. This means that we need to collect donations to cover the entire cost of the Volleyball Team (uniforms, trainers, ref fees, equipment, transportation, etc.) Please consider donating today. 

’21 Pandemic Season Schedule


 March 18th-  4:45-6:30 vs. Del Norte @CCA- – – WIN!!

March 19th-  5-7pm vs. Sage Creek @CCA- – – – WIN!!

 March 22nd-  4:45-8pm vs. LCC @LCC- – – CANCELLED

 March 23rd-  4:45-7pm  vs. Carlsbad @CCA- – – loss

 March 24th-  3:30-6pm vs. Del Norte @ Del Norte- – – loss

 March 25th-  3:30 pm vs. Torrey Pines @ Torrey Pines- – –loss 3-1





 March 18th-  3:30-4:30 vs. Del Norte @CCA

 March 19th-  4-5pm vs. Sage Creek

 March 22nd-  3:30-5pm vs. LCC @LCC—–CANCELLED

 March 23rd-  3:30pm  vs. Carlsbad

 March 24th-  3:30-6pm vs Del Norte @ Del Norte

 March 25th-  4:45 vs. Torrey Pines @ Torrey Pines








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